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Flip-It® Replacement Tub Stopper and Accessories

Tub Stopper Replacement part with easy installation. When installed - looks better than the original stopper. Do away with troublesome trip lever parts and stoppers. One piece construction replaces all types of stopper assemblies.

Available in:
Chrome Plated Finish, Polish Brass Finish, Antique Brass Finish, PVD Polish Brass, and PVD Brushed Nickel finishes.

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lavatory sink Flip It Jr home improvement supplyFlip-It Jr.® Replacement Lavatory Sink Stopper

Eliminates annoying pop-up stoppers which seldom hold water.

Available in:
Chrome Plated Finish, Polish Brass Finish, and Polish Antique Brass finishes.

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CoverUp Tub and Shower Fitting Covers
(for bathroom faucets and spouts)

Mirrored surface to match all decors, variety of sizes; one-hole, two-hole, and three-hole versions. 

Tub and shower fitting cover for easy installation of cracked or damaged  tiles.

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CHARLEY-BAR Safety Lock Assembly

Stop Burglars! Makes Sliding glass doors jimmy-proof.

Can be cut to fit any size door. Available in three lengths, three finishes, and three packages.

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Automatic Patio Screen Door Closer

Closes your patio door smoothly and gently, leaving your hands free.

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RV and Mobile Home Tub and Sink Stoppers

Tub Stopper Replacement part with easy installation.
Water stoppers for your Mobile Home or Recreational Vehicle's tub or lavatory sink.

Available in: White or Chrome.

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