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PPP Manufacturing Warehouse of Home Improvement PartsAbout PPP Manufacturing Company

PPP Manufacturing Company manufactures and distributes plumbing and hardware products for home improvement, easy enough for the "do-it-yourself" handyman, and selected by many professionals.

PPP Manufacturing designs all home improvement and repair parts with the consumer in mind; keeping installation simple and making life easier!

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Company Background

PPP Manufacturing Company, Inc. was established in 1985 and was built on a foundation of product quality, product uniqueness, & outstanding customer service! The mission of our company is to create and supply home improvement products that improve the quality of life & that are simple to install and use.

dependable delivery and quality home improvement productsToday, we offer a variety of "do-it yourself" products. Our products come in various finishes and our attractive packaging explains how easy it is to install and how they operate. For retailers, we offer merchandising solutions to assist you in promoting our products.

Being in business since 1985 proves that our dedication to our customers is of the utmost importance. We strive to provide excellent products, service, and support…and as always, the greatest value!

PPP's Home Improvement Products

PPP's products can improve and simplify life. To do this, we created and supply the following products:

Thank you for visiting PPP Manufacturing Company's website. We hope you find what you need for all your home improvement projects!


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