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Plungers' Mate

Self-Sealing Bathtub Overflow Cover

New Tool for the Plumbing Induustry

Sanitary, convenient, and easy to use specialty tool

Plungers' Mate End Cap Overflow Cover

  • No Need to push a rag into a CWO plate
  • Saves money and time
  • Makes plumbing jobs easier for both professionals and DIYers
  • Ideal solution to “Block all other outlets before plunging”, as instructed by plunger manufactures
  • A sanitary solution and eliminates the need for the use of rags and fume causing products
  • The overflow cover works with the plunger to allow the user to focus on the job at hand
  • Bundle Plungers’ Mate with plunger and increase sales



Plumbers' Mate Flyer


Better Alternative

Current plumbers use a wet, and often inevitably dirty rag which they carry from job to job, and put it in oneís bathtub in order to block the overflow face plate and focus the pressure to allow clearing of the drain. This new overflow cover will allow anyone to easily close and seal the overflow face plate to create a sufficient vacuum for efficient plumbing without the need for a rag.


This will also eliminate the need for dirty tools or fume causing products being introduced into the bathtub, where occupants bathe themselves. No more germ-filled rags will enter the bathtub for plumbing purposes.


This cover will be self-sealing, freeing the userís hands to focus on the plunger. The user will no longer need to commit one hand to holding a rag against the overflow face plate. Further, it creates a perfect and 100% seal.

by Plumber's Mate Products LLC
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