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Flip-It Jr.® Replacement Lavatory Sink Stopper with Chrome Finish

Drain plugs for bathroom sinks for plumbers and do it yourself plumbing repair. Shown with Chrome FinishReplace the drain plug in your bathroom sink with the chrome finish Flip-It Jr. sink drain plug stopper. Great for plumbers wanting to replace sink drain plugs from most plumbing manufacturers without having to stock hundreds of different parts.

Sink stopper replacement part to prevent hair clogsBathroom sink do it yourself plumbing repair easy for anyone to complete. Simple to install - no tools needed.

Easy to use: Unique ball shift toggle system - Flip left to close, flip right to open.

Eliminates annoying pop-up stoppers which seldom hold water.


bathroom sink stopper replacement fittingsDo It Yourself Plumbing Repair

If your bathroom sink does not hold water when it is supposed to or you have just been using an ugly plastic sink stopper instead of replacing your pop up stopper the Flip It Jr. is the perfect solution. It looks great and is easy to both install and use.

Flip it sink stoppers will form a tight seal using our unique toggle ball system and are available in many plumbing supplies stores or online.

Plumbing Supplies for Plumbers: Sink Drains

With all the different plumbing manufacturers, replacing a pop-up stopper in a bathroom sink will often require more parts than can be kept on hand by a plumber in their van or even in their office. By stocking only a few Flip-It Jr bathroom sink drain stoppers plumbers can be prepared to simply chose the right finish and right size O-ring to fit your clients sink and move on to the more complex and more profitable plumbing repairs.

Part# P-700: Chrome Flip-It Jr.® Sink Stopper in Poly Bag Packaging

Chrome Flip-It Jr. Lavatory (Sink) stopper with variety of "O " rings to fit various size sink drains. In poly bag individual packaging and with easy to follow installation instructions.

Chrome Flip It Jr Sink Stopper replacement parts for bathroom

Part# 10-700: Chrome Plated Flip-It Jr.® Sink Stopper in Clam Shell Packaging

Chrome Flip-It Jr. lavatory sink stopper with variety of "O " rings to fit various size sink drains. In individual clam shell packaging with easy to follow installation instructions.

Flip-It Jr® fits sink drain plug holes between: 1-3/16" to 1-3/8"

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Also available in:

Polished Brass

Antique Brass

Flip It Jr Sink Stopper in polished brass to replace old bathroom sink stopper Antique brass finish Flip-It Jr. bathroom sink replacement stopper

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