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Flip It Tub Stopper Replacement part PPP Manufacturings most popular home improvement product

Flip-It® PVD Polished Brass Replacement Tub Stopper

The Amazing Fit-All Replacement Tub Stopper in PVD Polished Brass

This stopper contains a unique ball-shift toggle system which opens and closes the drain with a simple push of the toe or finger.

  • Will fit 90% of all tub drain openings - replaces all types of stopper assemblies
  • Simple to install - no tools required for installation - simply affix "o" rings and press into drain
  • One piece construction - made of top quality DELRIN or POM and ABS plastic, with a choice of Chrome Plated, Antique Brass, PVD Polished Brass and PVD Brushed Nickel.

PVD Polished Brass Tub Stopper comes with 10 "0" Rings to ensure a perfect fit in various size drains.

No Stooping or Bending
Use your finger or toe to flit the tub or shower drain closed or open with ease

Press into drain
- and it stays there!
Tub stoppers that are easy to install

Replace those lift and turn bathtub drains with a quality PVD polished brass shower or bath tub drain repair and replacement kit from PPP Manufacturing.

More finishes than any other drain product to match any decor. Great for any bathtub or shower plumbing project.

Simple to install - no tools needed. Simply press into drain to form a water tight seal. You'll never have to replace linkage, stoppers, buckets or springs again!

Unique toggle system - Flip left to close, flip right to open. Easy to use, with a simple push of your finger or your toe.

Fits over 90% of all tub drain openings.

One piece construction replaces all types of stopper assemblies. Do away with troublesome trip lever parts and stoppers. Self contained unit, made of top quality delrin/POM and ABS plastic.

Tub Stopper in polished brass
See Larger Image

When installed - looks better than the original stopper. Made to be left in drain, yet easily removed for cleaning. Comes with 5 sets of "O" Rings to ensure a perfect fit. Press into drain and it stays there!

Brass reproduction bathroom fixtures that fit most drain openings and can replace those obsolete bath tub stoppers or shower drains. Whether you are looking for do it yourself plumbing repair solutions for your bathroom or are a plumber looking to reduce expensive inventory or long turnaround while waiting for part orders. PPP Manufacturing universal bathtub parts can help you solve your bath room plumbing needs.

Wholesalers/Suppliers: Eliminates need to stock hundreds of different CWO repair parts!

Part# 90-350: PVD Polish Brass Flip-It® Tub Conversion Kit with Fit-All Overflow Plate Assembly

PVD Brushed Nickel Flip-It Conversion Kit contains everything you need to replace your old drain and tub face plate (drain lever).

Conversion Kit Includes:

  • PVD Polished Brass Flip-It tub stopper
  • 10 "O" Rings to fit various size tub drains
  • a fit-all overflow face plate assembly with screws and adapter strap.
Comes in an individual package with easy to follow installation instructions.

Part# 50-200: PVD Polished Brass Flip-It® Tub Stopper Slide Blister Packaging

PVD Polished Brass Flip-It tub stopper with 10 "O" rings to fit various size tub drains.

Comes in an individual package with easy to follow installation instructions.

Also packaged and sold in Poly Bag:

Part# P-151: PVD Polished Brass Flip-It® Tub Stopper in Poly Bag Packaging

When installed, Flip-It® looks very attractive

Chrome Plated

Antique Brass

PVD Brushed Nickel

PVD Polish Brass

home improvement tub and shower parts in chrome

Tub Stopper in Antique brass

PVD Brushed Nickel Flip-It PVD Polished Brass Flip-It

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PVD (physical vapor deposition)

Today, most manufacturers use a technology called PVD (physical vapor deposition) for their faucet finishes. PVD finishes are considered practically indestructible. PVD can be used on almost any material from brass to plastic.

The complete PVD finishing process from cleaning to final inspection takes place under clean room conditions that include hygienic air purification, pressurized to reduce dust and other contaminants. Individual parts are hung on racks and travel through a proprietary nine-step ultrasonic, aqueous cleaning process. Sound-wave vibrations and chemicals thoroughly clean and prepare the surface for coating. The cleaning process contains no chlorinated solvents or other ozone-depleting chemicals.

After drying and inspection, the parts are taken to the PVD chamber for the coating process. This process combines reactive gases such as nitrogen and acetylene with specific metals to form a thin, film-like metal alloy that coats metal parts creating an elegant, highly durable finish.

The chamber is controlled by a computerized system that stores and monitors 64 individual processes customized to meet specific parameters for various parts and different finishes, such as brushed nickel, copper and oil-rubbed bronze. These finishes are darker and not particularly shiny which gives them a unique, muted look.

PVD finishes offer exceptional richness and depth, and are resistant to discoloration by sunlight. In addition, in abrasion tests conducted by independent testing laboratories, PVD finishes have been found to be more than 23 times more resistant than chrome plating.

All PVD finishes are not created equal, however. All products finished with the PVD process must first have a finished surface of some sort. In most cases, products are chrome plated then processed in a PVD chamber for coloring.

Each of the manufacturers has a different name for their finishes which use this process, but the procedure is similar. Regardless of the type of finish, however, harsh abrasives should always be avoided when cleaning faucets. The average PVD faucet will cost 20% to 35% more than chrome.

Fits the following Manufacturer's Bath Plug:

American Brass
*American Standard
Bridgeport Brass
Dearborn Brass
Indiana Brass
J & B Products
McGuire Manufacturing Co.
*Price Pfister
Royal Brass
Sanitary Dash
Union Brass
Watco Plastics, Inc.
Wolverine Brass
Note: Plus other Brass
Goods Manufacturers
*most models

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