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Flip-It® Installation Instructions

Flip-It Tub Stopper Installation (step by step)Flip It replace tub stopper with ease

  1. Remove old rubber/stopper or strainer plate in drain outlet.
  2. Select 2 "O" Rings that make the best fit in the tub drain outlet, and place them in the grooves of the Flip-It.
  3. Put a thin coating of stem grease or wet soap around the inside of the drain outlet.
  4. Press Flip-It stopper firmly in position. Turn entire unit one-quarter turn in either direction to seat firmly.
  5. Optional: Remove and clean Flip-It monthly, and repeat steps #3 & #4.
    NOTE: With the Flip-It Stopper, you have to be careful removing it. The best way to remove it is to install it using vaseline and then pull it out by placing a flat-head screwdriver head under one of the four white legs that rests on the plug drain. Do not pull the cap to remove, it may come off.

Flip It  Install new tub stopper easy instructions
NOTE: We recommend using plumber's grease when installing the Flip-It. Using plumber's grease will make it easier to remove the Flip-It when cleaning. When re-installing, apply plumber's grease to the inside of the tub drain outlet plug.

Face Plate Installation (step by step)Tub and shower face plate installation diagram and instructions

  1. Remove old face plate and linkage.
  2. If 2 hole face plate, then save both screws.
  3. Use your old face plate screws to attach the adapter strap to overflow ell.
  4. Install new face plate and new screw to complete assembly.

Fits over 90% of tub drains.(1 3/8" to 1 5/8")


Cleaning and Maintenance Removal Instructions

How to Remove the FLIP-IT Stopper

Caution: Be careful removing the Flip-It
(finished cap may be pulled off).

The best way to remove the Flip-It Stopper is to place a flat-head screwdriver "head" under one of the four white legs that rest on the plug drain.

Do not pull the cap to remove (view short video for demonstration).

Call for a retailer near you: 1-800-473-1803

Fits the following Manufacturer's Bath Plug:

American Brass
*American Standard
Bridgeport Brass
Dearborn Brass
Indiana Brass
J & B Products
McGuire Manufacturing Co.
*Price Pfister
Royal Brass
Sanitary Dash
Union Brass
Watco Plastics, Inc.
Wolverine Brass
Note: Plus other Brass
Goods Manufacturers
*most models


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